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    Dear clients!GSM-Travel cards are the participants of loyalty program.
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    Dear clients!Micro SIM cards are now available for use to new and existing clients.
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    Dear clients.We are gladly inform you that you have an opportunity to get 5 MB of free Internet. You should use it until December 31, 2013 in networks of EU and Turkey.
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    Are you going abroad? Are you having your holiday? Are you going on honeymoon? Business trip? You won't go without cell phone. How to save number familiar to your relatives and friend to stay reac...
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    Dear clients and visitors, GSM-Travel wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be happy and healthy in New 2013th Year! Connect with your family and friends in New Year all over the world!
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Partnership program for tour operators- YOUR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIO
You are working in travel business for a long time? Then the importance of attachment of tourist to a tour operator is obviously clear to you. You have permanent clients who are regularly using your services, but most tourists prefer to be in permanent search of “hot” offers.

Such searches can be easily turned into permanent clients of your tour operator. Offer them what they need. You can ask – what else can I offer them? The answer is simple – offer them AFFORDABLE, CHEAP and RELIABLE mobile communication abroad. Using the package of international communication services of your operator tourist will come back to you for recharging of account and for the next tour package. Because you care about your clients, always offering them something principally new. This time your “trump card” will be AFFORDABLE international communication. 

What will be your offer’s advantages over alternative ways of communication with subscriber in a foreign trip? In fact, there are lots of them:

  • Single and fixed international phone number in 120 countries of the world;
  • FREE of charge incoming calls in more than 30 countries of the world (almost the whole Europe);
  • VERY attractive tariffs for internal and international calls and SMS (5-8 times cheaper compared to ordinary roaming);
  • RELAIBLE communication;
  • And much more.

No matter where your clients would travel, they will ALWAYS have quality and reliable communication provided by your operator. What else is needed for a modern tourist?

Besides, you’ll be able to provide RELIABLE communication to all your remote employees and in this way significantly simplify the procedure of interaction with them. 

But this is only the top of the iceberg, as it is you who get the main advantages by attracting new clients and getting profit from international communication services. By becoming an INDEPENDENT mobile operator, you’ll be able to do a lot:

  • Get profit from selling start packages of international communication services (sales in travel companies, distribution points of mobile communication services, via distributors, etc.)
  • Get a significant percentage of all account recharges of start packages of international communication services provided by your operator (no matter whether the recharge was bought in your distribution points or not);
  • Implement new services in the sphere of international communication and make money on your clients using these services;
  • Provide permanent, quality and reliable communication to all your remote employees;
  • Control account status, activities and location of your clients and employees abroad;
  • Independently control the accounts of your clients and employees (lock, unlock, recharge, activate new services, add bonuses , etc.)
  • Place advertisements on start packages and account recharges of your mobile operator (placing of your logotype and advertisement on all products associated with your international communication services);
  •  Offer your clients the services of AFFORDABLE international communication in 120 countries of the world;
  • Possibility of getting in touch with your clients abroad at any time for solving any problems;


Participating in our partnership program you will be able to reach of principally new level in your company’s business by significantly expanding your sphere of activity.                                                 

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