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Partnership program for transport companies – ALWAYS AHEAD

           You are head of transport company, dispatcher, expeditor, customer, work in the sphere of transportation? You know best of all how difficult, and sometimes simply impossible, it is to track drivers’ routes and consequently to track your cargo abroad.

If you always want to be informed about all movements of your cargoes and to be able to perform 24 hours control of your remote employees, our offer is exactly for you!

Communication is the ideal way of controlling any situation, and that’s exactly what we are offering you. Your employees are on the way all the time, it’s very difficult to track them, especially if there are thousands of kilometers and lots of international boarders on their way. Each country has its own laws, customs, communication systems, but with our help you won’t depend on all these factors.

 We offer ideal international communication, reliable and affordable. 120 countries of the world, in which your employees have a single international phone number, are open for you. You are tired of calling to dozens of phone numbers of your drivers, trying to find out their location, and the drivers are tired of traveling with lots of SIM-cards of different countries. Forget about it like about a nightmare,  now you don’t any limitations on regional operators, no expensive roaming of your mobile operators,  only  a single international number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in any place.

The main advantage of our offer is its availability. It’s not only the thing you can afford, you will be surprised by the tariffs for phone calls, they are 5-8 times smaller compared to ordinary roaming. Right now you can find out the cost of minute of conversation with any country.

Besides simple, clear and affordable tariffs there are lots of other attractive aspects. For instance, free incoming calls in more than 30 countries, in almost all European countries, availability of remote control of any phone number and much more…   

With our partnership program you can do a lot right now, i.e.:

  • provide each of your employees with a single and fixed phone number in 120 countries of the world.
  • Pay nothing for incoming calls to phones of your employees almost throughout the whole Europe (Incoming calls are free of charge in 32 countries)   
  • Always know the location of your employees;
  • At any time get detailed information about telephone conversations of any of your employees with the help of our control system                             

              - Incoming and outcoming calls (phone number, country, duration and time of callm cost);
              - Incoming and outcoming SMS (phone number, country, time of sending, cost);
              - Amount of money remaining on account;
              - Country in which your employee currently is;
              - Send various instructions to any number or group of numbers by SMS;
              - And much more.

  • Send SMS to all numbers of your employees free of charge;
  • At any time recharge the account of selected employee in any suitable way (webmoney, e-gold, paypal etc.);

 We offer you the  "total control” of your employees’ work that you needed so much.

Always stay in touch, be ahead in your business with our help!    Contact us >>