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  • Loyalty program

    Dear clients!GSM-Travel cards are the participants of loyalty program.
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  • Micro SIM cards are available for use

    Dear clients!Micro SIM cards are now available for use to new and existing clients.
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  • 5 MB of free Internet

    Dear clients.We are gladly inform you that you have an opportunity to get 5 MB of free Internet. You should use it until December 31, 2013 in networks of EU and Turkey.
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  • Saving number service

    Are you going abroad? Are you having your holiday? Are you going on honeymoon? Business trip? You won't go without cell phone. How to save number familiar to your relatives and friend to stay reac...
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  • Happy New Year!

    Dear clients and visitors, GSM-Travel wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be happy and healthy in New 2013th Year! Connect with your family and friends in New Year all over the world!
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Cooperation program for exclusive distributors – BECOME THE FIRST!

Big business means big money, and large business of  REGIONAL SCALE is the aim of many businessmen. What’s your opinion of becoming a regional representative of international communication operator and earn great money?

This offer is exactly for you, as you’re already our client and have already seen all the advantages of our services. You already know most information required for development and promotion of this business in your region. After reading our offer you’ll have absolutely ALL the necessary information! Your “testing ground” is your region, so you have lots of space for maneuver and for development. From us you get the most favorable terms of cooperation, individual approach, promotion support. All you need is a wish to earn GREAT money. Our support is always at your service, as you are not only our client and dealer – you are a member of our team. We are always ready to help and assist you, as it is our cooperative business!    

Enough words, it’s time for facts! Let’s review those favorable conditions we mention so often:

  • You are completely free in your activities and independently choose the strategy of development and promotion of international communication services in your region;
  • We offer you several ways of getting profit from promotion of communication services:

            1. Sales of start packages (you get a 40% discount for them);

            2. Commission from recharging of account (You will get 6% percent of nominal value of EACH recharging of communication service package, sold by you, no matter where and from whom the client bought the recharge);

            3. Money transfer and recharge of accounts (Choose yourself the price of this service);

  • Advertisement and promotion support  (advertising in our informational materials and Internet-portals, participation promotion and marketing activities);
  • Enlisting of your company’s branches into the list of distribution points of travel SIM cards;
  • FULL informational support;
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH to cooperation;
  • Favorable terms of cooperation in other branches of our company’s activities.

Become the first to offer the services of AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE internation communication in your region!      

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