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GSM-Travel Idea

The idea of “travel SIM-cards” was evident. The thing is that each tourist going abroad thinks in what way he is going to communicate with his relatives and friends. If he’s a businessman, he’s particularly interested in quality telephone communications. There is a number of ways of telephone communications with a person abroad, let’s review them:  


        The most well-known method is definitely the roaming services provided by mobile communication operators. The main advantage of this method is that a person being abroad practically  does not have to make special steps in order to stay in touch, it’s enough simply to turn on his mobile phone and the roaming will automatically activate.

            However, roaming services provided by mobile communication operators have many disadvantages:

  • Very high tariffs for telephone calls (no matter local or international);
  • Charging for incoming calls (often it’s even higher than for an outcoming call);
  • High tariffs for outcoming SMS messages (compared to tariffs for calls outside roaming);
  • High sum of advance payment to be made on subscriber’s account, in order to make the roaming available.
  • Constant problems in connection with subscriber in roaming;
  • Unavailability of information about the account status of subscriber in roaming;


        Another way of communication with a person being abroad is using services of foreign mobile communication operators. In this case a tourist simply buys a start package of  mobile communication operator of the country where he is located at the moment.  

            This way of communications also has a number of disadvantages:

  • Difficulty of perception of services provided in a foreign language;
  • New mobile phone number, which the subscriber must promptly inform to all contacts in the address book;
  • Relatively high tariffs for international calls;
  • Unfavorable conditions for redirection of calls from the phone number of home mobile communication operator to the phone number in the network of a foreign mobile communication operator;
  • Limited duration of package of a mobile communication operator and limited zone of operation (upon returning home the service package becomes useless)


        Besides methods of communication limited to subscriber’s mobile phone, there’s a also a possibility of using IP-telephony cards. In order to use this method of communications it is necessary to buy an IP-card suitable for making international calls in a certain direction, i.e. to a specific country.

        IP-telephony cards also have a number of disadvantages:

  • Difficulty of perception of services provided in a foreign language;
  • Difficulty of searching sales points of  telephone IP-card;
  • Impossibility of receiving incoming calls and SMS;
  • Limitations of duration and zone of use

        As you can see, each of the aforesaid methods of communications has a lot of essential disadvantages, automatically making such methods unfavorable and inconvenient.  But there is a way out – services of alternative roaming via travel SIM-cards GSM-Travel.