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    Dear clients!GSM-Travel cards are the participants of loyalty program.
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  • Micro SIM cards are available for use

    Dear clients!Micro SIM cards are now available for use to new and existing clients.
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  • 5 MB of free Internet

    Dear clients.We are gladly inform you that you have an opportunity to get 5 MB of free Internet. You should use it until December 31, 2013 in networks of EU and Turkey.
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  • Saving number service

    Are you going abroad? Are you having your holiday? Are you going on honeymoon? Business trip? You won't go without cell phone. How to save number familiar to your relatives and friend to stay reac...
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  • Happy New Year!

    Dear clients and visitors, GSM-Travel wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be happy and healthy in New 2013th Year! Connect with your family and friends in New Year all over the world!
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Q. Why the advent of such a SIM-card allowing reduction of expenses for roaming became possible only now?  

A. Technologies of mobile communications are rapidly developing in front of our very eyes. The mobile communications market is passing  the same stages of life cycle as any other services market. At the same time the desire to keep the peak demand for services by retaining the existing pricing policy is very natural. Large operators are not interested in optimization and cost reduction of  mobile communications services, as otherwise they would have to abandon superprofits. They do not invest into advanced developments, concentrating on promotion and advertising. But time runs and no one can stop the progress So, we invite to cooperation all clever modern-thinking people.    

Q. Can I use this sim-card somehow in the rest of the time, while Im not abroad?

A. Surely. You can use this card making necessary calls inside your home country, however its main purpose is reduction of roaming costs and therefore its se abroad is the most profitable and efficient. Besides, you can rent your    GSM-Travel SIM-card to your friends going abroad. 

Q. Being in a trip on the territory of Russia I sometimes have problems with outcoming calls, callback operation is unstable, whats wrong?

A. If you are in a trip on the territory of Russia you can use services of any mobile communications operator, however we recommend to select in your phone menu the MTS operator, callback operation is the most stable in its networks. Also, according to our clients responses, being in Brazil it is preferable to select operator TIM-mobile, callback operation is also the most stable in its networks.

Q. How often shall I have to recharge my account?

A. Youll have to do it if there is no money left on your account, and you have to make a call.   

Q. If there is no money left on your account, shall I be able to receive incoming calls free of charge?

A. Yes, you can. Regardless of the account status of your SIM-card GSM-Travel, youll be able to receive incoming calls in countries where incoming calls are free of charge.  See the list of countries on the Tariffs page.

Q. What is the term of validity of phone number of this SIM-card from the moment of activation? For example, my current number is valid till a certain term, upon its expiration it is required to recharge your account in order to continue using this service. Whats the situation with your SIM-card?

A. From the moment of activation the phone number of SIM-card GSM-Travel is active without time limitations.

Q. Being in a trip abroad I cant send an SMS message, why?

A. The most probable reason is the state of your account, the point is that with a balance of less than  5 USD on your account sending of SMS messages is impossible, in order to send it recharge your account. At the same time you can receive incoming calls and SMS messages without any problems.  

Q. Being in a foreign trip in the United Arab Emirates I can make a call from my SIM-card  GSM-Travel , and cant check my account balance, whats the reason?

A. At present local operators in the United Arab Emirates do not support sending an international USSD-call (*146*00_country code_operator code _phone number _#), thats why currently for initialization of outcoming calls from your travel SIM-card GSM-Travel, use should use the following dialing order:
Send an SMS-message for the short number 9146, indicating in it the phone number with which you want to connect in the following format: *146*00_ country code_operator code _phone number _#. Youll receive a callback to your phone and connect as usual. Note, that this SMS message will be paid (see the tariffs for sending of SMS-messages). For checking the account status youll need to use the menu in your back-office. Troubles with outcoming calls do not affect incoming calls and sending of SMS-messages. However you should note that at present similar troubles are observed in certain regions of Saudi Arabia, caused by incorrect operation of equipment (towers) of cellular communications operators.

Q. What should I do if my main number is changed, but my travel SIM-card GSM-Travel is retained? Can I use it as before, but with account of my new main number?

 A. Surely you can. In order to do that you should repeat all the procedures described in the instruction, but youll make readdressing to your new main number.

Q. When my friends, relatives and partners are calling me to my main number while Im abroad and receive their calls via my travel SIM-card GSM-Travel, what will be the price for such calls for them?

A. Your friends, relatives and partners calling you to your main number pay for it as usual, i.e. according to the tariffs of local operator. The advantage of  SIM-card GSM-Travel is that you save not only your money, but the money of your friends, relatives and partners as well.

Q. Can a person without prior experience in this sphere become your partner? If yes, what is needed for this?

A. Our partner can be absolutely any person recognizing all the advantages of new offers from  Telecomax, and in particular SIM-card GSM-Travel. Of course if you know or constantly contact with people periodically going abroad, by buying only five SIM-cards GSM-Travel you already become a partner of our company. Any person can easily and quickly recognize the  advantages of SIM-card GSM-Travel, so cooperation with your potential buyers will be pleasant and fruitful for us.